CHE 320 Chemical Process Analysis

The course is about the material and energy balances of chemical processes. It focuses on identifying components and information in a process, relating known and unknown process variables, formulating material and energy balance equations, performing relevant calculations, and obtaining a final solution for the unknowns. 

CHE 520 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 1

The course is about the basic principles of thermodynamics, which relates energy, work, heat, temperature, and states of matters. The first and second laws of thermodynamics are covered, with focuses on the basic concepts in thermodynamics, energy balances, entropy, equations of state, and departure function.

CHE 521 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 2 

The course is about the basic principles of thermodynamics that describe phase and reaction equilibria. Phase equilibrium in pure or multi-component systems are covered, with specific focuses on the Gibbs energy, fugacity, activity models, equilibrium constant, and electrolyte solutions.

CHE 715 Biochemical Engineering

The course is about the fundamentals of biology and engineering that describe the analysis and design of biochemical processing systems. Topics includes the basics of molecular biology and biochemistry, and the engineering principles with emphasis on fermentation kinetics, continuous fermentations, aeration, agitation, scale up, sterilization, and control.